Covid-19: Return of the Church

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Covid-19: Return of the Church

*If you have been tested positive for Covid or been around anyone who has been tested positive for Covid, please stay home for 2 weeks. *


Sunday School Returns June 28th 9:45 am

Sunday Morning Worship 10:45 am

Children's Worship ages 0 - 2nd grade 10:45 am

Sunday Night Base Groups 5:30 pm through July 5th

Wednesday Night Backyard Bible Club

  • Grades Prek/4 through 6th grade 6 - 7:30 pm
  • July 24 at The Peach’s
  • July 8 at the Nelson’s
  • July 29 TBD

Youth Wednesday Nights 6 - 8 pm



- On Sundays, volunteers may arrive at their scheduled time. Doors will open at 10:15 am for general public.  

- Possibly shorten service time by 15 minutes for the next few weeks. We know many of our families will have young children. 

- We cannot guarantee moms and dads that their children will be absolutely safe in a room in which dozens of kids assemble. This is going to be a top concern for parents of younger children and ours.

Criteria and Options for Worship

- Every other row taken out or blocked off. See minimum standard health protocol. 

- 65 and older and at risk are recommended to stay home, however if one chooses to attend it is their choice. The Oasis classroom will be available as an option for them.

- Cry room and general overflow rooms will be available in our adult wing. TV monitors are present to watch service. 

- If we experience larger attendance, chairs will be set up in the foyer. 

- There will be sanitation stations set up around our facility. 

Lord’s Supper and Baptisms

- Use individual sealed elements. We have plenty. 

- Baptisms will be taken one by one as needed.  

Camps and VBS Open but Can Change 

- Decisions to cancel will be decided week by week


- Offering plates will be put on tables in sanctuary. Four stations in front and 2 in the back.  

- Protocol is mentioned later in recommendation. 

Sanitize Our Facility!


- EPA approved cleaners only. 

- Disinfecting team for Sunday mornings. More details added in team protocol.  

Special events 

- We will allow funerals and weddings under new adopted guidelines. 

- Craft Fair July 11th tentative.  

Coffee and Food 

- Only beverages will be served during our temporary new normal. 

- Servers will make beverage and hand out. They will follow CDC rules. 

- NO food served. 

Virtual Online Worship? 

- We will continue offering online worship, many will choose this option for weeks to come. 

- It is also our desire to continue this ministry after this is over. 

- We will continue to invest in this ministry. 


- Each team leader is responsible to recruit and train volunteers. 

- Each Team Leader will report to the Ministry Team Director (Paul Nelson) who, in turn, will report to the Lead Pastor.

Sanitize team: Leader: Todd Young

- This team is to arrive 1hr before service and sanitize. 

- Before service begins, they will continue to wipe down heavily touched areas. 

- Sanitize after service is over. Make sure soap is available in all lavatories. 

- Team is expected to join services.  

Hospitality Team – Leader: Shane Peach


Worship Usher's

Overflow Usher's

Coffee Team

- The consolidation of these areas under the “Hospitality Team” affords the Team Leader the flexibility to shift personnel as needed without having to coordinate with multiple teams.

Greeter Team: 

- Greeters may open doors but do not initiate any contact. Stations will be set up outside and inside for the convenience of our attenders. 

- Bulletins will not be handed out for now. 

- Greeter Team will be stationed at each exterior door to open for those attending services. Once services begin, they will transition to Overflow Usher if needed.

- Greeter's will NOT station themselves at the entrance to the Sanctuary – as in the past. Rather there will be Usher's inside the Sanctuary to assist in seating/crowd direction.

- The Greeter Team will be part of the revamped “Hospitality Team”. The Safety Team Leader will incorporate the outside greeter's as part of the “early warning” system of the church safety team.

- Team is expected to join services.

Beverage Team: 

- Only beverages shall be served for the first 2-3 weeks. 

- Volunteers shall wear gloves and make each coffee for everyone. 

- Team is expected to join services.

Worship Center Ushers:

- 2 ushers (minimum) per service policing guidelines in auditorium. We shall not be overwhelming to others, but make sure people are protected.  

- They will be responsible for finding open seating as well as ensuring that proper distancing is being observed.

- They will be the initial point of contact for explaining the new seating arrangements.  

- The recommendation is as follows: People of same household may sit together - 2 chairs minimum spacing of a different household. 

- If separate household choose to sit together, it is their choice. We are only making this minimum recommendation. 

- Personnel in this position should be able to interact with people without becoming confrontational. Be kind, smile and humble.

- Team is expected to join services.

Overflow Ushers: 

- 2 ushers per service policing guidelines in overflow rooms. We shall not be overwhelming to others but make sure people are protected. Blend in the best you can.

- The recommendation is as follows: People of same household may sit together - 2 chairs minimum spacing a different household. 

- Adults overflow are in the four adult classrooms. Oasis class is for over 64 and at risk. Children’s classrooms will be open for parents with children. 

- These personnel will be the outside greeters once services have started. Once service has started, there is no need for the Greeter's to remain outside. They can come inside and shift to the Overflow Usher position as needed.

- Team is expected to join services except for one rover.

Offering Team: Leader: Ron Shipp

- There will be 5 tables set up in our Worship Center with offering plates already on them. 

- Once offering time is over, the money will be collected and taken to the back and secured.

- 2 plates shall be left on tables in the back of the Worship Center for those who wish to give their offering/tithe at the end of the service. Once the sanctuary has cleared, the additional money shall be secured and taken to the back and counted.

- The Team Leader will report to the Ministry Team Director who, in turn, will report to the Lead Pastor.

- Team is expected to join services.

Safety Team: Leader: Paul Nelson

- Safety Team will provide overall security of the church, grounds and occupants during worship service.

- The team – while a separate entity – will utilize the eyes and ears of the Hospitality Team Members.

- Team is expected to join services except for those watching the perimeter. 

• All volunteers shall be self-screened as soon as they enter the building. All volunteers are required to fill out a log sheet which will be available at the front and office entrances. Those only attending do not need to fill it out. 

• It is important we all do our part keeping the facility as sanitized as possible. Only volunteers should be in the facility until doors are open for general public. Volunteers with children will need to make arrangements for their children until doors open for general public. 

• Wearing mask is optional for everyone.