Mission Values

What Missions means to Cornerstone

Bringing Glory to God

Our purpose is to bring glory to God and make a difference in others. We are convinced a right heart centered on glorifying God will produce a willing heart for missions and obedience in following the Holy Spirit.

Wholeness through Reconciliation

We are not the reconciler; Jesus is. Ours is the ministry of reconciliation. The goal of reconciliation is to move people into a righteous standing with God through Jesus Christ. We desire people to understand that they are created in the image of God with the gifts, abilities, and capacity to make decisions and to effect change in the world around them for the glory of God.


We are the body of Christ. We each have talents and abilities that need to be given over to others. None of us can do it alone. Our gifts are meant to be shared in community, for they can only flourish in relationship to others. Our identity is in Christ, first together making a difference in others.